Across the globe, church leaders and everyday Christians struggle to have conversations with LGBT+ people. Today, there are places in our world where LGBT+ people face oppression and the threat of assault, job loss, imprisonment or even death. In the West, growing up LGBT+ remains an experience fraught with bullying, family rejection, homelessness and suicidality.

It only takes one unloving voice to condemn an entire people group on behalf of the wider Christian faith community. How do we recover a faithful relational Gospel witness among LGBT+ family, friends, and neighbors? It starts with your voice!

Posture Shift will help all of us collaborate to build a new church history where Christian churches and homes are safe and nourishing places for LGBT+ people. Get it today.

4 hours of theologically sound,
practical content.

Posture Shift Digital Seminar gives you the skills you need to relate effectively with LGBT+ loved ones as a pastor, ministry leader, parent, school staff member, counselor, social worker, or other important role.

For the past 15 years, Posture Shift has equipped over 60,000 church leaders on a biblically sound, missiological approach to LGBT+ inclusion and care. Access 4 hours of theologically sound, practical content on how to relate effectively with LGBT+ people in your church, ministry, family, and community.

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Topics Covered:

  • About Posture Shift
  • Establishing A Biblical Foundation
  • Establishing A Healthy Missiology
  • A Look at LGBT+ History
  • Growing Up LGBT+
  • Words Matter
  • Panel of LGBT+ Experts
  • Answers to Top Questions

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